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A little known fact in the mortgage business is that different banks specialize in different types of loans. By using the services of an independent mortgage loan broker your loan can be shopped to several different banks that specialize in your type of loan. Whether it's a purchase loan, a refinance of your existing loan(s) or a second mortgage to buy a car, send your kids to college or do some investing, it's a smart move to use an independent mortgage loan broker.

Since opening my tax practice, I noticed that too many of my tax clients were being turned down for loans because they were self-employed, had prior credit problems or didn't understand the system. Even before I passed my real estate broker's exams I started originating mortgage loans in 1998 in order to help my tax clients secure mortgage financing. By combining my skills as a tax accountant and a real estate broker I can greatly increase the chances of getting you the loan you need at the rate and terms that you want.

The pricing of mortgage loans is based on the perception of the amount of risk that the bank is assuming by doing your loan. If you'd like some pointers on shopping for loans or would like me to quote your loan, please don't hesitate to E-mail me
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